On a post by Brett Fischer, there was a photo of a small portrait by Pete Belson. We were impressed because there arnot many artists out there who would take on such precise small work. Most can't. We asked Pete if he would like to represent Godoy Machines by being part of our sponsored artist program. We are proud to have him on board!!

"I have been painting and drawing for over 15 years, and got into tattooing by chance through meeting Steve 'A' from Bournemouth. he gave me a break with a little tuition and some equipment and since that day have never wanted to do anything else other than tattoo. which has been for nearly five years now. preferred styles are black and grey or colour realism, portraits."

His favourite tattoo artists are: Nikko Hurtado, Jeff Gouge, Mike deVries , Volko, robert hernandez, dmitriy samohin.

Pete's favourite other medium artists: Shawn Barber, Claude Monet, Salvador Dali, Diego Velazquez, Pablo Picasso.

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