Artists often ask 'what would it take to be sponsored by Godoy Machines?"

We sponsor the best artists globally!

Our criteria will always be:

- artists who work in shops - no home tattooers
- artists who are health compliant
- artists who use our machines exclusively
- artists who attend conventions regularly and win
- artists who promote themselves
- artists who are humble - no room for egos on our team
- we prefer realists as the skill level ( eye, brain hand coordination ) is highest. Especially small realism like Pete Belson can do.
At the moment, we are full. We don't sell enough machines in this ignorant saturated industry to be able to sponsor more artists - unless it's a special case - geographical location, convention schedules... we have2 ppl in UK, with a potential 3rd. So it may be a little while.
We do not just 'give' machines to good artists. These machines do NOT run like any other 'substandard' coil machine. So we expect any potential 'sponsoree' to buy the first one.. use it, understand it and we proceed from there.
We have certain ethical standards based on our views on this industry. It is not what it should be. Any artists who are on board with what this industry currently stands for, need not apply. Here is our interview on our blog - please take the time to read it thoroughly: