How many of you have a drawer full of electromagnetic tattoo machines that need repair or tuning? If so.... we are here for you. Send em, we'll fix em and get em running at 100%. With 6 international patents on tattoo machine technology and 39 years of tattooing with coil machines, you will receive your machines back, ready to do what they do best. The most versatile machines in the trade are the electromagnetic machines, in conjunction with sharp needles and quality pigment dispersions and washes. Repair warranty can be purchased in one year increments. Please contact us for information on price, shipping, warranty etc. :

USA and CANADA: ig: @godoymachines 

 Electromagnetic tattoo machines are NOT obsolete.  

The picture painted by the 'CURRENT' tattoo industry actively reflects the direct opposite, and can be seen in every aspect of today's tattooing; the Artists' egos, paired with the lack of ambition to forego fully learning tattooing and all involved (which is also tattooing), in favor of shopping online for an over-hyped glorified prison machine with pre-assembled substandard 'cartridges' kits with sticky tape bandages and believing that they have arrived!  Products sold to them by non-tattoo artist suppliers who do not know nor understand function or process in the proper ethical application, selling to ANYONE, qualified and NOT qualified, and not providing honest services. Is it any wonder that accomplished artists and long time users of coil machines, who have tried to  adapt to 'current' rotary tattoo machine technology, have told us that they feel that they have regressed artistically while using these 'pens'? Versatility is key. Control of rotations per second with one built in forceful impact on a rotary as opposed to an adjustable stroke (movement and speed), distance of 'potential' needle movement and an incrementally adjustable magnetic field to lessen or augment needle impact to accommodate skin types, needle grouping affecting artistic results including single needle application whose performance depends on movement and impact! 

Many of us remember the days of wanting to master all aspects of the art to include without limit to machine function and its tuning, diagnosing and repairing problems, improving its performance, the making and understanding of needle groupings, needle tapers, wire gauge, tightness of groupings and the results they will produce, the pigments; washes, color blends and fades, putting in opaques and achieving perfect results without scarring or blown out lines. We won't touch on health compliance which should always be part of the process. To be able to look at yourself in the mirror and feel that you have mastered and magical art that brings freedom in so many ways.... there are no words to describe the incredible satisfaction to know that you are accomplished in this art. So, how do any of these 'tatters' ( insulting slang) of today look at themselves in the mirror and really believe they've arrived?

The association of the electromagnetic tattoo machines with 'old school' simplistic tattooing and its basic artistic techniques, along with artists drifting away from tried and true technology and technique due to frustrations encountered in attempting to learn electromagnetic machine function, trouble shooting and tuning in order to achieve certain artistic results from 'teachers' who, themselves have been misled, who pass on mis-information. The permanent application of every style of art onto a porous canvas depends not only on the pigments injected, the tapers on the pins comprising each grouping of needles, but the force at which these needle groupings impact the skin - the performance of the machine. 

With only one moving part, how hard can it be to master? We offer seminar workshops to educate. We understand technique, we understand all the tools involved our art, we believe in removing those who do not belong and keeping out those who want to come in and exploit our treasured art. 

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