The Godoy Machines V3. The first of it's kind! It has been in production for 2 years, and testing a year prior. It's technology is unique it's function superb, used by the best artists the world over.


In order to be a solution, there has to be a problem. Sometimes, nobody sees the problem. It could also be denial that there even is one. Some people know that there is a problem, and want to help but don't take any sides because there seems to be no side that offers a valid solution. That's what's going on in the industry today.

Just because a product comes out on the market, a tattoo machine for example, does not mean that anyone has license to copy or replicate it! People often bring up this complaint in reference to Chinese business practices... when you someone claims to want to "build the best American made products" and STEALS, without license, they are in the same category.

Patent protection is the only way to legally protect your intellectual property. WE don't make a move until we have our patent process underway. This is our standard protocol. We design, prototype and test all of our products before committing to a patent. Any infringers will be notified, and subject to any penalties as a result of their actions. Infringers include ANY distributor or purchaser of the said invention.

If you plan to buy a patent, it is important to check the validity of that patent. Not all examiners at the patent office are equally as thorough during the examination process and sometimes patents slide through for approval without any office actions!!! We were offered a couple of patents for purchase which we had to reject due to their questionable validity.


We do not license any of our patents for the simple reason that we believe and have always believed that reputation is earned by merit and contribution, not by false claims or by purchasing the rights to an invention, or by copying an invention. In other words, "do your own f*cking work".

We will continue to keep this manifesto because everything comes clean in the wash and the laundry was just put into the washer.


While everyone is raising their glasses to an obsolete generation and being complacent and satisfied with a directionless industry, there are those of us striving to improve technology and the industry as a whole through innovation and education. For some, the complacency is fine, for us and others like us, it means falling behind.

Buy by brand, believe the hype, fall behind. Support education, innovation, function and direction and you won't ever have to wonder.

In an industry full of false claims and dead end paths, you can only trust yourselves. Learn, don't be led by bullshitters.