ART GODOY- Owner/tattoo artist at 'Funhouse Tattooing' -Vancouver Canada...also co-owner of Godoy Machines. 27 years tattooing..."there's nothing we can't tattoo"...words we tattoo by. Advancing tattooing by innovations, education and dedication.

STEVE GODOY- Tattoo artist at 'Kari Barba's Outer Limits Tattoo;, co-owner of Godoy Machines. 27 years tattooing...Same quote as Art's above...

We sponsor a group of the finest tattoo artists around. These artists are truly great representations of what ALL artists should be. Versatile, humble, talented and professional. We want to take this opportunity to show the world who these people are AND say thank for being a part of Godoy Machines U.S.A.

DANIELLE OBEROSLER- Owner/tattoo artist at 'the Tattoo Room' in Simi Valley California...she has just celebrated 20 years tattooing...amazing work and endless dedication to tattoo. I (Steve) used to work a few blocks up from her when she worked on Melrose Ave in Hollywood at Melrose tattoo.

ABE "REUSTER" MENDOZA- A natural talent...a versatile artist from Long Beach California...tattoos at 'la Dolorosa Tattoo'...watch for him at the Ink and Iron tattoo convention comin up in June on the Queen Mary...he will be entering some amazing tattoos in the tattoo competition...dedication and true talent. We met Reuster when he worked part time at a mexican restaurant in his early days tattooing...so great to see him progress in tattooing...truly amazing.

MIKE DROSSOS- Owner/tattoo artist of 'Uptown Arts Studio' in Charlotte North Carolina...Steve worked with Mike at Outer Limits Tattoo for a number of years...smooth perfection...cleanest lines, creative tattooing at its finest...www.miketattoos.com

EL MOVIES- Owner/tattoo artist at 'Next Level Tattoo' in Los Angeles, Ca. Extremely versatile and creative artist...he sells Godoy Machines and promotes the best in every way. We met El Movies when he tattooed at another shop in downtown LA...his need to break off and open his own shop sure paid off...

NAKOTA HEDRICK- Is currently an ndependent tattoo artist, currently on the road. .For being so young, Nakota's tattooing is very impressive...Art and I were amazed at her overall personality and talent. We 3 travelled together to Capetown, RSA to attend the Tattoo convention and do machine seminars in Jo-burg As well...hey Nakota,Want the rest of my rice?

MIKEY CARRASCO- Tattoo artist at 'Kari Barba's Outer Limits Tattoo'...loves black and grey AND does great color as well...4 years tattooing??? REALLY????...dammit Mikey!!! ...entered Outer Limits with 1 tattoo photo in his portfolio...got hired and seriously puts out impressive work on a daily basis...watch out Mikey, there may be peanuts in the ink...


DAVID "SCRAPPY UNO" GARCIA- Tattoo Artist in Mexico City, Mexico...he is hailed as the best portrait artist in Mexico...he constantly wins events at expos and has recently travelled to Europe to attend some of the biggest most important tattoo conventions.

We donate machines as prizes to all the Mexican tattoo conventions we attend for best of the day or realism...he was always winning...year after year!!! so finally one year we just went up to him and handed him a machine and told him:

"Because you have won every year we have attended, we are presenting this machine to you now because we know you will win again this year...congratulations"...and of course, like clockwork..

HE WON...He now has his own pro model machine on Godoy Machines...the Scrappy Uno

(banana 2 ) machine.

JUAN "SUPERFLY' ARREGUIN- Owner/Tattoo artist of 'SUPERFLY Tattoo'...Super has a very unique modern traditional style..it sounds contradictory, how can traditional be modern??...well its all in the delivery...he is a tattoo artist...not limited to one style or 2 styles...

hell why not mix em??? large pieces, small pieces...one of a kind colors and tones...Super is a genious..shall we say Super Genious...he worked in Vancouver at Art's Funhouse tattooing for a few years and has recently opened his own successful tattoo shop in Leon Guanajuato,

Mexico!!! Congratulations SUPERFLY!! He also has a his own pro model machine released by Godoy Machines- the SUPERFLY...check it out.

MANUEL 'MASTER' SERVIN- Tattoo artist at Richi Tattoo in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico...Art and I were judging the tattoo contest at the Guadalajara tattoo expo 2 years ago...and in 2 events there was a name announced as the artist for some of the pieces we were going to vote for as best tattoos in their specific categories...male large color and realism...that name was MASTER.

So...his sleeve won...we decided to track this guy down and ask him if he was interested in Godoy Machines...he says hell yes...and it has been his choice machine ever since!!!...he just won best realism with an amazing portrait at the international Monterey Mexico tattoo expo 2012!!! EXITOS MASTER!!!

PABLO XNO (Porno)- Tattoo artist at 'In La Kech Tattoo' Coyoacan Mexico...smooth clean work, we found this guy by constantly seeing his work online...no wonder this guy is booked out for a year!!! He is an award winner, he is a name, he is an amazing artist. He has just returned from European conventions showcasing his talents.


PAJO JUAN PABLO QUINTERO- Owner/ Tattoo artist at Opus Magnum Tattoo in Medellin Antioquia Colombia...Now, not many artists in the world really take notice of much going on beyond their own "backyard"...let alone what is happening in the tattoo culture in far off lands such as South America...

Steve and I have visited many countries in South America and have befriended sooo many artists..Our associate and co-manager of Godoy Machines South America, Enrico Colombres, attended an expo in Bogota Colombia and upon his return to Buenos Aires Argentina, he kept mentioning to us about a sincere, genuine, humble and amazing tattoo artist named Pajo..., at first, Art and I ,when seeing Pajos work, we thought it was decent,...

We asked Enrico to have Pajo keep submitting his tattoos to us by posting on our facebook...as the time progressed so did his tattooing!!! He is a true artist...does it all...he is sooo respected in Colombian tattooing, he is definitely a master....

He has just appeared on an educational program featured all over South America, discussing tattooing...his dedication and years involved in tattooing earned him a place in Godoy Machines as team manager of South America. Congratulations Parcero!

JHON GUTTI-Tattoo Artist at Studio 13 in Medellin Antioquia Colombia...what can we say about Jhon...this guy posted photos regularly on our FB page...more and more we started to recognize his talents...he has only been tattooing 5 1/2 years!!!! godamn..another natural...and from Colombia!!!!

Colombia is a country with like 5 cities that host international tattoo expos...if you have not been there...it's definitely something to see...the competition is fierce...tattoo shops saturate the cities, cutthroat prices and bootlegging are pretty rampant...and to stand out above the rest is a fuckin job in itself...Jhon Gutti is a stand out...no doubt about it...he will be attending the Guadalajara tattoo expo in Sept along with team manager Pajo!

PERU (South America)

Movin on down the coast we come to another hot spot for tattooing...we attended various tattoo expos in Lima Peru and have seen some truly amazing tattoo artists....

JADE JAVIER CAMPOS- Tattoo artist from Lima Peru... master realist in color and black and grey. No limits. Placing first more consistently than almost any other artist around, his wall full of first place trophies. There is no comparison to his work. I's as real as it gets. His technique is flawless and smooth.

LUIS ENRIQUE OSORIO- Luis is also a realist, more of a painter. His style is very identifiable. Very proficient in color as well as balk n grey. He is on the road most of the year considering the south american continent his second home to his home town of Lima Peru. He has been all over South America this past year - and has a full schedule of travel coming up - Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Mexico!!!


LEONARDO ROJAS. - From Santiago Chile, we met Leo in Guadalajara a few years ago. He tied for first place with Manuel 'Master' Servin. We asked them both to be on the Godoy Machines team. Leo is a master... artistic genius, realist - in both color and black n grey. He does seminars on the subject! He is recognized globally from his appearances in major tattoo publications. He is a strong presence in the South American tattoo scene.


MARC REIDMAN aka 'LITTLE SWASTIKA'- Nobody on this planet does what little swastika does. These large images unique to his vision appear on the whole bodies of his human canvasses world wide. It's not realism, it's not abstract art. it is what it is and there is nothing like it. He doesn't attend conventions yet somehow, he is recognized globally by his peers. It takes a certain kind of genius to envision and execute the type of work he' known for!! He's also a skateboarder with his own bowl in his basement!!


PETE BELSON - SOUTHAMPTON UK - Portraits the size of quarters, smooth realism in color as well as black and grey. Pete Belson delivers. One of England's best, for sure. We met him on a visit to the UK he is a positive force. Great attitude and direction. Hew can be seen on the UK convention circuit, do yourselves a favour - if you're in the UK, find him and get tattooed by him.

ALEXANDER BOWRON - SOUTHAMPTON UK - Talented and mild mannered. When he's not tattooing, he's playing music! Clean precise work in al styles, Alexander Bowron is another UK force to be reckoned with. Portraits, realism, traditional… original creations… another participant on the UK convention circuit.


HANA TEK - Hana has had talent since birth. We had seen her artwork long before she started tattooing. Definitely a natural - she really gets it - light, texture, color, shade.. all of it. She was just voted Best Australian Female tattooist! Congratulations and welcome to Godoy Machines!!!


AXEL LOPEZ - From Caracas Venezuela, he is recognized by his globally peers as one of the top South American tattooists. He has a humble nature, and a lack of ego. His work speaks for itself. His talent is un surpassed. One look at his portfolio will show you… just where you stand on the scale of "tattoo artist".




From Caracas Venezuela, Axel Lopez is recognized globally as a master realist... His talent surpasses levels rarely reached by artists in any country. He is a frequent attendant of South American and European conventions, he enters competitions and wins... These machines and shirt are for you!!!