Are you considering buying machines from suppliers, from machine builders, or manufacturers who offer simplistic descriptions of their machines like: "This high quality machine is designed with balance in mind and is tuned to perform." or "color packer

What makes that machine a "High quality machine"? Who is the person who labeled it a "high quality machine"? what is the basis for this description? What is the comparison? in an industry where there is NO STANDARD in the technical requirements of a machine, Where builders copy each other - same 8 layer coil, same capacitor...Where the chinese non - tattooist sells machines hand over fist to suppliers who sell these machines hand over fist, Where the well known old school builder shops his products out to be built by non tattooists in China and trusts soccer moms with no tattoos to manage the Italian division of his machine empire... even the builders who are tattooists that don't understand anymore about true function than they do about doing a portrait and what is required for a machine to be able to reach that result... think about it.

Balance?... yeah right. Take a look at the above machine. If you were to rest it on the tip of the tube and let go, which way is it gonna fall? Really... balance? When it's in your hand, which way is it going to fall? Is balance even a relevant issue? Weight may be an issue and if you're making machines out of steel (like the builder who offered us that technical description) or brass, the issue of balance REALLY goes out the window! The weight of those materials would cause more gravitational pull in the direction of the greater mass!!! How can the use of the word "balance" even be a technically acceptable term to entice any artist to buy that machine?

Next - "tuned to perform" - to perform how? will it be incrementally sensitive between 0 and 7? doubtful. How do we know how it will perform based on a photograph AND the word of a manufacturer who may or may not know or understand what is needed in a machine for it to be able to deliver fine clean lines, even smooth shading, solid color? TUNED TO PERFORM...

There is a problem here and there is a solution. When true talent is weighed against "he's a great artist, he can finish a whole back in 8 hours..." something is truly wrong. When the functional technical description of the main tool of your trade is "This high quality machine is designed with balance in mind and is tuned to perform" call them and ask them to tell you specifics - do these builders or suppliers care wether you are doing good work with their "well balanced" machines?

We are in 2011 and they still talk about balance...



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