Anyone involved in tattooing long enough to have jumped from shop to shop knows that somewhere along the line there will be a shop you call home...even for a little while..I (Steve) have been at Outer Limits Tattoo for over 12 years and have seen some artists come and go...not many have impressed me as Mike Drossos has...his tattooing and sense of humor are fucking may come in and pay for the tattoo of your dreams from Mike and guaranteed, you will leave the shop with a hell of alot matter what shop he is at!!

Words cant describe his skill level..flawless lines...smooth confidence...he has extensive machine knowledge aswell...all from his complete dedication to tattooing...i would diagnose him with an almost a perfect case of detail oriented OCD.
We worked together for about 6 non stop fun years until his move to Charlotte N.C. in Sept of 2011.
He is now the owner of Uptown Arts... his creation...a truly high end tattoo studio.
Here's what he has to say for himself:

"I've wanted to be an artist ever since I can my "baby books" I'd written that as what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I can recall watching my mom "doodling" as a kid...amazing pen and ink sketches...and would get sent to art summer school-which in hind sight may have been just a way to get rid of me during summers-but a "thank you" may be in order as it built a passion of art in me that continued through adolescence 

I started tattooing in 1997 while attending FSU persuing a degree in art studio...After much harassment and pleading I was able to convince a local shop owner, Alain Rogers of Euphoria Tattoos to teach me to tattoo.  I dropped out of college in order to focus my attention on tattooing-and since that was before the days of the "tattoo shows" it  was a risky decision...and one that I wouldn't change for the world as it is my true calling and passion.

I've been lucky enough to travel and work with some very talented artists along the way...and although I can do pretty much any style of tattooing (new school, large color, portrait, realistic color, japanese, tribal, fine line and jailhouse) I am being asked to do more portraiture and photo realism...AND will gladly tattoo anyone who has a good idea.  I would like to thank Steve and Art for not only helping me pursue my dream of opening a shop but also for continuing to give me the highest quality tattoo machines that take away the "x factor" of shoddy sub par machines that don't do what you want them too. Godoy Machines  run so smoothly and are the most versatile...fact is, they really work for helping me to achieve the best possible tattoos in not only my soft portrait style...but other styles requiring color packing and bold lines."

Godoy Machines...making great artists greater.