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We occasionally look at forums... well let us rephrase that. On certain searches, we accidentally get routed to forums where tattoo artists meet and gossip. Talking about things that could benefit the industry as a whole. And sometimes about things that they truly don't know about. The tattoo machine is one of them. One time, at a convention, we walked by a booth belonging to a well known machine manufacturer who was telling a client who just purchased a machine from him, "Ok, in 2 weeks, turn the contact screw a quarter of a turn and then run it for 30 days, after 30 days, turn it a quarter turn more and run it for 30 more days and it will adjust itself'." WHAT!!!??? PLEASE EXPLAIN. How will it adjust itself? Adjust itself for what function? These machines have no 'memory', they are simple... how will it recognize the input of the quarter turn and instinctively know how to 'adjust itself'? It is un believable... just like questioning a $100.00 price tag on a book that will take you to levels of tattooing you never thought you could reach because you have been struggling with machines that don't do what you need them to do. Getting advice from artists with 25 years tattooing experience, of which 19 years of that has been dedicated to tattoo machines is priceless... but, as usual, most people want something for nothing. Books cost money to print, they take time to lay out, to reread for errors, they take time to print... there's your first cost.. second, the information inside will make you money, and help improve your work - it will take one less worry away from your tattooing routine - THE MACHINE - so that you can concentrate on translating your art into a tattoo... not some half hearted effort. Knowledge is power. Educate yourselves. Don't let EGO get in the way of your progress. TATTOO MACHINES AND THEIR SECRETS is the way to go.
FUCK IMITATORS, FUCK IGNORANCE. SUPPORT INNOVATION, FUNCTION DIRECTION AND EDUCATION and you will never feel taken advantage of. Understand the industry for what it REALLY is, not for what it pretends to be.

Under the link to this post on GOOGLE, you will see lots of torrent sites, and download sites which have ILLEGALY put up a link to the download of our book. THEY DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION FROM US TO PUT THAT UP. How did it get there? probably some tattoo artist who has no ethics decided to make some money from our work, bought the cd version and uploaded it. Imagine, the industry which we know and respect, because of what it has done for us, is full of FUCKS like this. It's hard to believe that we gave this industry any credit to keep itself regulated. Let it happen in any other... but not this one! Very few people want to do their time... the mentality seems to be "I can do lines and solid color, and I get paid, what more do I need to know?" So... why not "Steal" ideas, steal E BOOKS... steal machine designs... fuck, steal everything!!
People will educate themselves and soon enough they will see through your bull shit. That you don't really know what you're talking about.. and by the way, to the manufacturer who was giving that BUNK advice to that client - do you know how many of your machines we repair weekly, re-tune, and replace parts on??? You wouldn't believe it! That goes for lots of you "reputable manufacturers" as well... ARTISTS!!!! AGAIN... EDUCATE YOURSELVES AND YOU WON'T EVER FEEL TAKEN ADVANATAGE OF.



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Constructed of zinc alloy, these are heavy duty and pocket sized... the knob is removable as well. Comes with power cord...footswitch and clip sold separately.
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