high efficient of wrap coils for tattooing... WTF?

Here we go! What a deal...direct from China - $5.00 if you buy 20. The thing is, the specifications are probably good on these frames! A little knowledge and elbow grease and you could make these run good. Once you flip the upside down capacitor, replace the springs, re insulate the coil wire that joins the capacitor on the rear terminal, make sure the armature bar is parallel with the base, replace the "weighted" armature bar, replace the o-ring, replace the round washer with a squared off washer on to hold the rear spring, replace the screws because these are sure to strip, put a longer nylon contact securing screw in the side of the binding post, adjust the stroke, check the spring tension... tune and test... refine and use. Got the time? Got the knowledge?

Maybe you wanna replace the springs with these... c'mon, take a chance! What have you got to lose? only $65 dollars for 100 of them! Do you know what these are made from? Does this manufacturer know? is it high carbon or low carbon steel? maybe an alloy of some kind? is the 16 gauge 16 or do they mean .016? does the manufacturer know anything about these springs? Which would you choose? We need to understand flexibility - how much is too much? how little is too little? WE KNOW... AND YOU COULD AND SHOULD TOO.

Suppliers who sell these things DO NOT KNOW OR CARE. The performance of a machine depends on the springs - (gauge, tension & flexibility) in relation to the output of the coils. The results on any given tattoo depend on the springs. Artistic technique and skill depend on the springs. Tension, material , gauge and flexibility are ALL crucial criteria in the choice of springs. Why? because the only moving part is the armature bar assembly with it's front and rear springs... it's movement depends on the right tension, the force at which the needle hits the skin depends on the correct flexibility and tension. It can mean the difference between blown out lines and spotty shading!

Suppliers sell springs ranging from .015 to .022. Why? much of this selection is unusable. This is the truth. Why do they sell such a range? Because they know that they don't know and most artist don't know either. Call one of them up and ask - "what technique is a .015 spring specifically used for?"

How can an artist or supplier take this product seriously with a letter like this?

"Dear Friend,
Hereby updating our new tattoo machines.We appreciate your attention and inquiry!
We apply the quality steel material for the building up the upright tattoo machines and High efficient of wrap coils for tattooing.
Thank you so much for your kindest attention!
Y****ng Team."

This type of carelessness ends up in the hands of non professionals because these manufacturers DO NOT CARE WHO THEY SELL TO and as funny as the wording sounds in this letter, this is a serious threat to our industry. It lowers standards, it lowers pride, it conflicts with competitors, it cheapens the industry, it invites everybody and their brother in, and leaves the rest of us with a mess to clean up.

Artists who educate themselves about their machines will never have to worry about any of these threats. They can choose to buy or not because they will be able to put these cheap machines into working order if they decide to buy one. Some are not too different from some of the "reputable" builders' machines!



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