New tattoo shops pop up all over the place...globally...scribblers or not, once the market is saturated, prospective new tattoo collectors could be baffled with all the choices..logic would tell anyone to "DO YOUR HOMEWORK !"...you do NOT wanna leave disappointed and disillusioned with something that doesn't wash off as easily as last nights guilty escapades...hmmm...

ANYHOW...Juan "Superfly" Arreguin...YES the Godoy Machines "Superfly" tattoo machine model is his...has opened a WINNER OF A SHOP in the city of LEON in the Mexican state of GUANAJUATO!!!

An escape for any tattoo collector who is choosy and demands perfection...this isn't a fly by night locale...You come here with a purpose you leave here with your dream embedded in your skin.

Juan "Superfly" Arreguin is an award winner, not limited by style, technique or genre...harboring a never ending river of creativity, style, professionalism and personality.

Yes this shop is SUPER, the tattoos he administers are SUPER !

The Godoy Machines "Superfly" is SUPER...

TO SEE HIS WORK AND TO GET IN CONTACT GO TO: www.superflytattoo.com or find him on facebook under juan arreguin.

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  1. where can i buy this machine ive been looking for months