If we had to define Godoy Machines we would use the following words:

Education, Innovation, Function and Direction.

Lets break down the industry into groups in order to better understand the motivation behind Godoy Machines.

*A Client who needs a tattoo, well done of course but they have no artistic ability nor knowledge of how tattooing works...pain factor, technique, machine function, sterilization proceedures, time it will take to apply, care instructions...WE HAVE TO CATER TO THEM, THEY FEED US...and REGARDLESS HOW MUCH THEY ANNOY YOU, THEY DESERVE THE BEST YOU CAN GIVE THEM.

-----We tattoo daily so we understand their insecurites and needs ...we were all clients once.

*Artists in need of products to apply the tattoo...artists of various technical and artistic levels are consumers...all of us are buying ink, needles tubes, machines and disposables/throw aways (paper towels, bandages, skin cleansers etc)...ALL THE WHILE RELYING ON THE SUPPLIER TO PROVIDE US WITH THE NECESSITIES TO APPLY THE TATTOO in an efficient, hygenic way...Some artists with all the blind faith in the world trust the suppliers to provide quality products such, especially MACHINES...Some artists are so egotistical that they will DENY any education regarding technique or machine function as they ignorantly raise their glasses to toast an obsolete generation of old men who may have "pioneered" the art of tattooing AND never advanced it. Education NEVER hurt anyone.

---------We tattoo daily and believe in the advancement of tattooing... artistically, socially, technically... with no limits.

tattoo by Steve

by Art

*Suppliers who PROVIDE all these "useful" things to artists YET have NO CLUE about machine function AND whose main goal is to pull in money in order to liquidate readily available hyped products with no regard for what defines true quality...sometimes taking back used machines covered in biohazard and replacing them with a new one due to their and the clients lack of knowledge pertaining to machine function. These people come in different levels aswell...the "kit salesmen", the businessman who buys cheap Chinese machines and re-sells them, the corporate distributor who sells every machine "brand" and doesn't realize that they all look alike and have the SAME components as eachother.

----We scrutinize all of our suppliers and have a long check list of demands and criteria they must follow in order to carry our machines...thats why Godoy Machines are hard to find in the mainstream industry...also thats why we have the best and highest quality innovative machines available to only professional tattoo artists.

*Machine manufacturers who
1-Don't tattoo, can barely tattoo or aren't artistically current enough to apply todays artistic demands onto skin.

2.Builders who copy eachother's recipies..derived from copying a guy who copied another guy who copied another guy...and so on for the last century...with no actual knowledge of each part assembled on the machine and its function...guided myths,superstitions AND misinformation.

3.Manufacturers/machinists who jump into this industry to profit...knowing that because its NOT REGULATED by the artists involved...they can sell to em...easy money.
It's impossible to regulate this entire industry BUT we can regulate ourselves by educating ourselves and spreading the knowledge and ethics behind what we do in order to avoid intruders selling us hyped machines or buying from egotistical "jump on the bandwagon no talent havin' machine building clowns" who truthfully are just happy that the machine makes a noise and the a-bar goes up and down....TRUTH IS: WITH MACHINE EDUCATION WE CAN BUY ANY MACHINE AND WITH SOME PRACTICE... REBUILD, RETUNE AND REFINE IT.

4.Ex tattoo artists with hyped up names whose low end products are being sold by non tattooed sales reps to tattoo artists...while they enjoy the money the hype brings em.

----We do not support hacks in tattooing nor in machine manufacturing...we do not buy the hype and do not name drop...we are for the people, we believe everyone has the right to machine education and do not buy into the old "secret society" machine thing...the thruth is THEY NEVER KNEW MACHINE FUNCTION and STILL DONT.


Now...here's a little story of an encounter this past weekend at Musink Tattoo convention...
Sittin at the Godoy Machines booth...here come 3 guys interested in our machines...one guys TELLS me, just by looking at our machines in the class cases that they look like "whip shaders" or "color packers"...I asked "WHAT ? Are you SERIOUS???"...Realizing that i had to have EXTRA PATIENCE with this guy ...i calmed down to hear him out, if anything...for entertainment value...He had one arm sleeved with new below average stuff and nothing on any other visible part of his body...i would say he barely had 3-5 years in this business unlike Art and my 27 years each. This guy claimed to be a machine builder and tried hard to compare himself and put himself at OUR LEVEL...I had to laugh and put him in his place with science, physics and FACTS...Now...whats the moral here???


There are a million clowns like him roaming around...preaching to anyone who will listen.
We all know there are tattoo artists of different artistic and experience levels out there as well as new ones comin into the industry every day...with or without apprenticeships.

Like it or not, to anyone NOT involved in tattooing, we are and will be associated with them.
So...here we are...between a rock and a hard place i would say...SO lets EDUCATE them AND ourselves in order to breed a new strong generation to stamp out the "old ignorant, irrelevant ego driven one"...sounds GOOD right???

Well...We here at Godoy Machines have laid out a business based on advancement of tattooing through INNOVATIONS on electromagnetic machines that will facilitate tattoo application and technique with Patented machine systems assembled and designed for true FUNCTION while promoting EDUACTION on this subject as WE wrote 'Tattoo Machines and Their Secrets' an industry text book available in various languages with countless benefits for any tattoo artist with little or no experience to master artists with many years under their belt ,who understand that technique and quality tattoo application comes directly from machine function...
WE teach seminars globally in order to better the industry!!!

Here we are in Italy - 140 people.

All this finally gives us our DIRECTION...
We keep innovating our machines, constantly improving their performance!! New components, features, advancements and designs... ALWAYS!!
WE teach true machine function with the ONLY TRULY EFFECTIVE SEMINAR OFFERED to ALL artists of ALL levels ALL over the world...We still tattoo AND understand an artists needs, therefore our customer service is unbeatable.

GODOY MACHINES- NOT for the substandard asshole.

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