Hey Guys, 

Sorry I haven’t been around much, this last year I have spent 8 months traveling and working through Europe on 3 different tours, and just wanted to say what a godsend  your power supply has been on this last tour.

For those that don’t have a chance to get out traveling much, one major difference when working in another country is the electrical current and the difference it makes in an electromagnetic device. I’ve had issues for the last year on 2 different tours with this problem and was overjoyed when I got to use this power supply for the first time with 220v outlets! With the built in voltage regulator everything ran smooth as tattooing out of my shop in Long Beach. Especially when doing a guest spot or convention over seas, fighting against your equipment is the last thing you want to deal with. For the FIRST time in the last 4 tours I didn’t have to worry about it. I could finally focus on the art, tattooing, and dealing with language barriers. 

This tour kept me busy, starting with a small guest spot at Black 13 in Nashville, TN before working our way over to London, Spain, Portugal and Italy. The current varies amongst all these countries as well and I was able to get consistent power in each of them. I’ve included some photos of the work I did on this last tour overseas, also using all Godoy machines. 
Thanks again for the amazing products and support!!

Looove ya

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