Everybody wants something for nothing. The problem is that some things cost money, some things take so much time to learn. There is a price for suffering and struggling - there is a price to pay for trial and error. There is a price to pay for research and development. We wrote a book which contains 25+ years of knowledgeable information directly related to learning by trial and error, frustration and occasional failure, discovery and success. This book was written to educate. It was written to elevate the standard of this mediocre industry. IT was written too put all artists who respect tattooing on the same level of knowledge. There is a price attached to this book, a fair price. Books DO NOT PRINT THEMSELVES. Laying out the artwork for the book's pages, photography, editing the language, editing the punctuation and other content.. translating the book into 5 languages... it all costs money.

We also have 4 international patents, of which one of them costed approximately $37,000 over the 5 years it took for allowance... this was not free.

We offer seminars to visually demonstrate everything we wrote in the book & to educate the SERIOUS artist.


Our book was illegally downloaded over 900,000 times the last time we investigated, in 2008. Proving that the information is in demand and that artists will go through great trouble to crack security on COPYRIGHTED material and ILLEGALLY post and distribute links online - re asserting that in our tattoo industry, there are crooks and copyright infringers who want to make money by exploiting the popularity of tattooing today.

Some people want to take from the industry and not give back. Promoting events which do not push the industry forward, events which mis represent the 'professional' tattoo industry as a whole. These events are geared toward the public as THEIR entertainment.

We do not offer seminars for "FREE". We reject any and all requests for "FREE" seminars. The information is valuable. If the organizers from events cannot meet our requirements, we do not attend.
It's as simple as that. As much as we believe in educating artists and raising the standard, we also believe that a fair price has to be charged to cover expenses - travel, accommodation, shipping of tools & materials, books and a percentage to the organizer for the rental of the hall or room. If we did not charge, we could not survive as a company.

We have always honored all contracts and commitments. Our requirements were not met in Spain so we cancelled. We have emails & correspondence between ourselves and the organizer of the Spanish event to prove this point.


  1. Hey man If you made a down loadable version I'd buy it quick.. My espaƱol reading is very choppy

    1. My bad in down loadable English version I meant...