Guns... yeah, guns. 

No comment was ever made against 'real' artists. Todays' definition of a real artist is very general.
We are talking about the people who keep low standards, people who keep substandard products circulating,
people who sell "kits", beginner level entry level... is there such a thing as entry level? should there be? Do you tattoo? 

Taking back machines covered in biohazard, and exchanging them and reselling the used one potentially spreading the pathogens to someone else. machines which were used by artists who are not health compliant. Boner face... genius stuff... gilligans island, great.. little sister and cocks.. wow.

Listen T**y, we have spearheaded a movement that is waking up the artist population globally, these educated artists do not and will not tolerate incompetence and mediocrity from their machines, their suppliers and themselves. Know what that means? It means that they trust themselves and do not need to trust you. It means that standards are gonna rise, the definition of 'professional tattoo artist' will be more specific and it will exclude any non health compliant, ignorant egomaniac - this includes suppliers who cannot help them with their specific issues on machine problems or product dissatisfaction. Exchanging products, taking chances that the next one may be worse perpetuates this ignorance. This education will also enable these artists to be free to make educated decisions on purchases and to repair that faulty machine they bought right out of the box, reporting to the supplier and he to the manufacturer, resulting in quality revisions. This education , as well as prevention of pathogenic contamination also benefits the MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF THIS PUZZLE -  THE TATTOO CLIENT. This guy or girl keeps YOU in business, they keep us in business. Do you not agree that they should be taken care of? given the best service possible? One way is to promote education, to promote quality products and to keep standards and ethics alive. NOT INSULTING THEM BY SELLING KITS, ENTRY LEVEL MACHINES -  AND IM SURE THERE HAVE BEEN WAY MORE THAN ONE OR 2 HOME TATTOOERS THAT YOU HAVE SUPPLIED AND CONTINUE TO SUPPLY. Turning these products loose on an uneducated public can not only be cosmetically dangerous, it can be physically pathogenically dangerous if they do not know protocol. 

Got it boner face?

We do not know your credentials, We doubt that you could tell us if there is any benefit to .021 gauge blue springs on a 24g, 8 layer coil with a 1/4 inch core ... or how to facilitate smooth grey shades on a portrait the size of a quarter.

You may be the best business man, you may sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products, in the end this is no contribution to the industry. You are fortunate that there are people who buy, and not all of them, do so because they 'take chances', on products because their purchase is either aesthetic or hype (from the supplier who doesn't tattoo), or they are just fed up with the previous machine purchase and do not know how to diagnose a problem.. This keeps you from having to have any accountability - or knowledge. These people keep you in business. Color purchases and needle purchases are not as problematic. Just because a certain product sells huge quantities does not mean it's truly functional. A percentage of the people whom you supply, do not know their tools,they keep you in business. They justify your business venture, your jump into a lucrative business which you don't know the fine details about.. we have 28 years in it and still tattoo. 

Keep defending yourself, stay the way you are - be a part of the current problem.  OR, take a look at your credentials, take a look at what your money could be doing, ask yourself, what are you doing to better this industry? are you offering pathogens courses? are you taking these courses? are you offering needle groupings that have all the same pin gauge and tapers in one grouping? (lots of these do not). From the manufacturer to the supplier, to the artist.. quality control has been lost, ethics are gone. There are those who do follow protocol. There are those who do great work there are others who do not. Your responsibility as a supplier is not just about money or supply and demand, it can go deeper than that, there are ethics - eliminating the kits, beginner entry level machines, helping solve problems, helping to educate helping to raise the bar. The influx of new 'artists' is huge, this makes it harder to maintain standards and for every great artist, there are hundred of mediocre substandard artist taking us back to the stone age. 

The lack of accountability in this industry is rampant. Look around, find some sense in these words. Defending a hollow cause will only make YOU look incompetent when the day of reckonning comes, when artists stump you with questions that you don't have the answers to, when they realize that trusting suppliers who do not know anymore than they do is not worth their time or money or when they know more than the supplier...When they put the tattoo client first with quality products, and service, when they buy from suppliers with the same ethics that they themselves live by. 

Think on it Gilligan, these words should apply to everyone in the industry. Including us, we live by them, in 6 different languages, global.. know that? go to Peru or any South American country, go to South Africa.. Europe, Our movement is growing... picking up steam.

knowledge  is power... we can change people's perceptions of what the industry has become with shows like LA Ink, NY ink... Tattoo school.. magazines like Inked, Rebel ink...that incorrectly portray the "tattoo lifestyle" which is NOT dressing like a ghoul and taking pictures in a graveyard.. We, ALL EDUCATED ARTISTS, can control who buys and sells, who's in and who's out. THEY CAN judge their peers and regulate themselves and each other so that the one bad apple doesn't have a chance to reflect on the rest who ACTUALLY CARE in what direction WE ARE GONNA TAKE THIS MOVEMENT, LIFESTYLE, ART FORM... CALL IT WHAT YOU WILL... FOR US IT'S MORE THAN A BUSINESS. We all have choices. Part of the problem? or part of the solution.

We have 28 years of tattooing, 4 international patents, more than 900, 000 illegal downloads of our book ( english version), seminars globally promoting education on machine function and it's relation to techniques because we still tattoo every day and understand these techniques. Capable to do portraits the size of quarters in color and black n grey... full realism. We sponsor an international team of winners, Axel Lopez from Venezuela, Jhon Gutti and Pajo Quintero from Colombia, Pete Belson from the UK, Little Swastika from Germany... and many more.

What about you?

Do you sell on ebay too? 
It's not too late.. you can still choose what side you're gonna be on, before the artists and enlightened industry decide for you.


The Gilligan's island retorts are to  names he called us in his letter - boner face and something a bout a banana.. and Gilligan's island - his little sister and cocks... smart stuff.

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